A very big warm hello to you.

If you'd like to know a little bit about me I'll tell you some of the things which make me feel happy in the hope it will paint you a picture, a good conversation, smiles, baking, eating, actually just food in general! All the goodness that comes around sharing a meal with friends and family, cups of tea with my nanna, a lovely wine, a great tasting coffee, picnics, quiet moments, all of nature, the smell of lemon scented gum trees, frangipani, jasmine and rain. I love riding my bike at night time, reading a good book, music, old fashioned snail mail, contemplating old photographs, picking up my camera to capture moments between people and the last fading light of day.

When shooting portraits or weddings I love when a beautiful landscape and people come together to create something special. I also love how black and white photographs can make a moment seem timeless, when the colour is taken away the emotion of the moment seems more evident.

I hope these words help a little and if more is needed may my photographs do the rest of the talking.

Smiles from Nicole oxo